Our Aim

Our aim is to produce information for the public and decision makers to understand how marine ecosystems can be managed for the benefit of all.

Our multidisciplinary group works to understand the optimal way that commercial and recreational fisheries can be managed to meet their objectives and maximise the broader benefits of healthy marine ecosystems to society.


We have world leading expertise in stereo-video methods to survey marine benthic and pelagic systems, gathering data on fish abundance, body-size and behaviour; with on-going collaboratorations around Australia and internationally across socio-economics, oceanography and statistical theory.

See our Research page for more details.


We are based at the University of Western Australia. Our research team are part of the School of Biological Sciences and the Oceans Graduate School, and we are members of the Oceans Institute.

We are located in the newly established Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre on the UWA campus.

Potential student projects

We receive funding from a broad range of partners: