PhD Completions

Jess Kolbusz

The influence of water movements on the settlement of the Western Rock Lobster (Panulirus cygnus) throughout the fishery (2022)

Michael Brooker

Recruitment Dynamics of Western Rock Lobster: Improving Knowledge of the Juvenile Life History of Panulirus cygnus (2022).

Nestor Bosch

Changes in functional diversity of reef fishes within an ocean warming hotspot: implications for temperate reef resilience (2022)

Camilla Piggott

Fish recruitment in coastal habitats of north-west Australia (2021)

Todd Bond

The influence of subsea infrastructure on fish and fisheries and the implications for decommissioning (2020)

Anna Cresswell

Disturbance dynamics in coral reef ecosystems: heat waves, cyclones and fishing pressure at Ningaloo Reef (2020)

Fernanda Rolim

The effects of marine protected areas on the fish fauna in Brazil: an assessment using stereo-videos (2020)

Jonathon Mitchell

Understanding and quantifying shark depredation in recreational fisheries of north-west Western Australia (2019)

Katherine Cure

Biogeography and ecology of baldchin groper Choerodon rubescens in a changing climate (2016)

Jordan Goetze

The effectiveness of periodically harvested closures as a fisheries management strategy (2016)

Julia Santana-Garcon

Pelagic stereo-BRUVs: development and implementation of a fishery-independent technique to study pelagic fish assemblages (2015)

Masters Completions

Hayley Sims

A cost-benefit analysis of optimum sampling designs for ecological monitoring in West Australian Marine Parks (2021).

Charlotte Aston

Optimising the long-term monitoring of fish biodiversity within no-take zones across State and Commonwealth managed Marine Parks (2020)

Andrea Asunsolo Rivera

Quantifying predator threat on mesopredator fish behaviour on a coral reef at Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef (2020)

Logan Penman

A cost-effective analysis and characterization of fish assemblage in Geographe Bay, South-Western Australia (2020)

Hannah Nichol

Optimising methodologies for monitoring change in benthic assemblages in Geographe Bay, Western Australia (2020)

Daphne Oh

Prey preference of juvenile lobsters (puerulus) (2020)

Claude Spencer

Assemblage feeding rates of scraping herbivorous fishes: Local drivers of abundance can be more important than temperature on reefs undergoing tropicalization (2020)

Sam Bock

Novel stereo-video sampling methods for surveying fish around artificial reefs (2019)

Harrison Carmody

The Influence of Fishing Effort and Environmental Variables on Shark Depredation in Western Australia’s Mackerel Managed Fishery (2019)

Charlotte Mara-Petersen

Shark depredation: social-ecological systems framework reveals evidence of change in shark behaviour and fisher adaptation (2019)

Ash Miller

Fine-scale variability in catch and growth rates of western rock lobsters, (Panulirus cygnus) George, reveal heterogeneous life-history parameters

Oscar Doncel Canon

Abundance and distribution of western rock lobster: correlation with settlement index and habitat (2018)

Anne Feng

Optimisation of benthic habitat analysis from stereo-BRUV footage (2018)

Matthew Hammond

An assessment of change in habitats, fish and invertebrate communities following installation of an artificial reef (2018)

Brock Keymer

Assessing gregariousness in juvenile western rock lobsters and its implications for stock assessment (2018)

Ellen D'Cruz

Influence of market value and broad scale habitat on reef fish wariness (2017)

Brooke Gibbons

No-take marine reserves in Mo’orea, French Polynesia, decrease fish wariness but do not increase abundance (2017)

Ross Gillis

Fish assemblages of the Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia (2017)

Leah Candland

Baited remote underwater stereo-video: An effective sampling tool for identifying juvenile fish-habitat and depth relationships in the Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia (2016)

Julia Haberstroh

Baited video, but not diver video, detects the greater abundance of legal size target species within sanctuary zones at Ningaloo (2016)

Isabella Lindgren

Distribution and behaviour of two morphologically distinct shark species in the Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia (2016)

Michael Taylor

Ontogenetic shifts of the endemic Lethrinus punctulatus on the North West Shelf (2016)

Brigit Vaughan

Evidence of depth specific distributions on fish assemblages but limited protection from fishing within sanctuary zones across the Ningaloo Marine Park (2016)

Brandon Brooker

Evidence of Offshore Refugia and Spill in of Adult Fishes to Inshore Reefs in Artisanal Fijian Fisheries (2015)

Honours Completions

Molly Moustaka

The effects of suspended sediment on coral reef fish assemblages and feeding guilds of north-west Australia (2016)

Emma-Jade Tuffley

Methodological comparison for sampling populations of a commercially important rock lobster species (2015)

Katrina Bornt

Targeted demersal fish species exhibit variable responses to long-term protection from fishing at the Houtman Abrolhos Islands (2014)

Michael Brooker

Fisher deployed baited video: A spatially expansive view of fish communities throughout Australia’s west-coast bioregion (2014)

Matt Birt

Between and within day variability in temperate reef fish assemblages (2010)

Jordan Goetze

Evidence of artisanal fishing impacts and depth refuge in assemblages of reef fish of a Fijian Island (2009)

Staff Alumni