Rob Hoschke


Exploring professional fishers’ local ecological knowledge of marine environments in Western Australia.

About me

I completed my Bachelor of science in Geology and Marine Science at UWA in 2017. I then entered the workforce as a geologist, however my career was abruptly put on hold by the first of many COVID lockdowns and a broken leg. During this hiatus from work I decided to go back to uni and delve deeper into the world of Marine Science. I enrolled in a Master’s degree at UWA midway through 2020, and was easily persuaded by Dr Matthew Navarro to embark on a project exploring commercial fishers’ knowledge of the marine environment. I completed my Master’s in 2021, but my exploration of fishers’ knowledge is far from over. I am now working alongside the Marine Ecology Group to learn more about what our professional fishers’ know about the ocean.


Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre
School of Biological Sciences (M470)
35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA 6009