Shark depredation

Shark depredation is a controversial issue locally and internationally. We initiated the first research programme in Australia into shark depredation in recreational fisheries.

Governance and reporting tools for policy makers

With National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy funding and in collaboration with the Australian Ocean Data Network we are implementing State of the Environment reporting tools for nat...

Marine Extremes

Our early work in WA described patterns of distribution in marine ecological communities along the coast which were strongly correlated with temperature regimes, and contrasted with global trends ...

Research with the fishing industry

In collaboration with DPIRD-Fisheries, the Western Rock Lobster Council and fishers we are investigating the recruitment dynamics of the Western Rock Lobster fishery.

Enriching Ocean Accounts project

Healthy ecosystems provide a diversity of benefits to societal wellbeing and our way of life. Some of these benefits are obvious like providing fish for food. Others are more subtle and under-appre...