Hayley Sims

A cost-benefit analysis of optimum sampling designs for ecological monitoring in West Australian Marine Parks

To effectively manage State and National Marine Parks, long-term sustainable monitoring is essential. Monitoring programs should prove to be ecologically relevant, statistically credible, and cost-effective. Clearly identifying the costs and benefits of an ecological monitoring program is fundamental to its long term success and optimisation. Using stereo BRUV footage taken from the Ningaloo, Two rocks, Geographe Bay and the South West Corner marine parks I will present a cost-benefit analysis of optimum sampling designs for long term monitoring of fisheries and coastal habitats. My research will also explore the difference between traditional and modern quality control processes used throughout the monitoring program. This information will assist managers in making better decisions to maximise the benefits of protected areas along the West Australian coastline.

About Me

I am a Perth girl who has always been fascinated with the ocean. I first studied a Batchelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Business Law and embarked on a marketing career moving into sponsorship management and communications. In 2017 I decided it was time to really explore my passion for research and the marine environment and commenced a Graduate Diploma in Marine Science at UWA. I am now really excited to see where a Master of Biological Science with a Marine Biology specialisation will take me.


Dr. Tim Langlois, Dr. Renae Hovey and Dr. Anita Giraldo Ospina


Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre
School of Biological Sciences (M470)
35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA 6009